The Oldham County Grand Slam offers fun and fitness for the whole family through a series of four 5K events that are set up for the most competitive runners, as well as someone who is literally just getting off the couch. Anyone, at any age or fitness level, can “do the slam.”

The four events that make up the Grand Slam are the Health/Hope/Hometown 5K, the YMCA Oldham County Festival 5K, the Fastline Publications FUN-Raising 5K, and the KSP Trooper Island / Sligo Baptist Church 5k.

The idea behind the Grand Slam is to get Oldham Countians excited about these fun family events and th encourage fitness among the residents of our community.

Hundreds of Oldham Countians and many from the surrounding area have participated in the Grand Slam events each year. You should, too! It’s a great chance to enjoy our beautiful community with your family. Improving your health is a bonus along with the fun you’ll have. Each race has great prizes, too!

The Oldham County Public Servant’s Challenge. Pits police departments, fire fighters, schools, and other public organizations in a battle to win the coveted Public Servant’s Challenge Cup. Enter your department this year. The Grand Slam offers team challenges for large and small organizations for most participants and for the fastest team time.

Dust off your running shoes and start training now!

Click here for more information on each race:

Health,  Hope & Hometown 5K:  June 8th 2019


Oldham County Festival, YMCA 5K:  July 13th 2019


Fastline FunRaising 5K: August 10th 2019


KSP Trooper Island and Sligo Baptist Church 5K in LEspirit: September 2th 2019








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